Swim School

Swim School is for children age 5 and up who want to learn to swim or improve technique​.

All swim school levels are geared towards preparing children to swim competitively.

We offer group lessons that meet twice a week for
25 minutes​ Monday/Wednesday or Tuesday/Thursday

Classes are available between 4:30-7:00
(times are based on level and availability​)

Dues are $90 per month​

Financial Aid is available

Classes are year round rain or shine

How to Join

Ember Tetras

Swimmers in this level may have little to no experience swimming. Oaklantis instructors build swimming confidence by encouraging swimmers to have a great deal of fun during their lessons--without pushing anyone to perform any skill that is beyond their comfort level. As their confidence grows and their comfort level expands, swimmers can learn more and more of the skills needed to move to the next level.

Swim Instructor helping a child learn to float

Neon Tetras

Swimmers in this level are comfortable in the water, and so can begin to learn a greater variety of skills, including two of the four formal strokes (freestyle/front crawl and backstroke). They learn the importance of balance, body position in the water, head position, and begin to create their own mind-body connection.

Stream line high 5

Diamond Tetras

Swimmers in this level continue to practice all the skills they learned in their Neon Tetras classes, advance their own mind-body connection as well as their ability to maintain balance, body position, and head position in the water, and learn breaststroke. They also begin learning competitive swimming essentials, such as dives, flip turns, and open turns.

Back stroke practice

Glowlight Tetras

Swimmers in this level continue to practice all the skills and strokes they learned in Neon Tetras and Diamond Tetras classes and learn the fourth of the competitive strokes--butterfly. They also learn more advanced versions of the other competitive swimming essentials (dives and turns), as well as begin to build swimming endurance and general competitive swimming knowledge. Swimmers who complete this level are ready to join our competitive swim team, should they wish to do so.

Dive Practice